do you hear me now?

by Crispin Swank

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released December 19, 2015

All songs written, arranged, recorded, and produced by Crispin Swank at studio blueString.

Production assistance from Melissa Ewing.

Artwork by Meg Davis.



all rights reserved


Crispin Swank Somerville, Massachusetts

The music is for you. My role in its continued creation is past. Enjoy!

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Track Name: tempest
I always was what I've become
Did I grow up or just get older
but I'm no city-talker
two crows watch from the tower
their dark feathers swallow sunlight against the deep blue sky
they swoop down to the city floor, the dregs of winter still below. A walker, made real in their gaze, crumbles flecks of constancy in the tower shadow...

(Worse than dark a shade)

...and the silent watchers, our souls in their eyes, see nothing. They look on.

They look on, their wings are not stirred by the gale.

they look on, the tempest surrounds them, pale

They look on as we pass through our senses

standing in the street with whiskey coursing through my veins
isn't it good
when the stars shine down on you

waiting for the whipping winds to take me up to the sky
taciturn but alive
start the song anew
Track Name: on the banks
Take this road to the circle of trees or the monoliths that eat the sky

and the sky streaming red left unsaid words in elegant suggestion

pale crusader in chains were you born beneath starlight?

i look up for a cloud broken wide— quilted sky be my guide

Hear the thunder roar as I leave from this shore by the ship sailing into the sun

wrapped in waves of the sea you followed after me though the mooring's been undone

and in my dreams I set you free
though you held my back 'gainst the wall

you said: "take what you see and give none of it to me 'cause darlin I've seen it all"

when the earth shakes, the river spills across the dust of someone else's years

On the bank we lie still—sun streams shadow semblances that give us breath

don't sell your heart to stolen souls
dressed in pressed suits of concrete

don't give your heart—the song's still there
Breathe your mind clear and see the world fair
Track Name: open
say what you want about society but it's not us
trade what you are for who they see
now get away

i never doubted or lost myself
over the roots with eyes unblinded

the wind rises.
rewritten history,
you breathe in moments

open, open, open!
we lost the key

just wanna feel like sparks flashin over waves
tryin to keep my head on the grass above the graves
insatiable within a whisper that saves
me from the ashes the voices craved

open the fire's still there
it's in your head and everywhere
eyes wide so you'll see
masses of flowers,
whisps of cloud

sun drenched earth
Track Name: blue was never in the skies
sometimes wen i see you
i feel like greenness was never grass
like light was never from the sun

reflection moon of trees
dirt and worms beneath the leaves
like blue was never in the skies

the train's roar mistaken
the world sands me down

but i breathe my head as mercury
so i might never graft my heart
to those habitual ghosts

kairos, spiral down